Business need

Success in the entertainment sphere is not only about being talented and motivated. In the most cases, way to fame and fortune starts from meeting with the proper person. And it deals both with creative artists and professional managers. In the end, it is just the game of chances. Not to mention that interviews, auditions, reviewing dozens of announcements can consume too much time and return nothing as the result.

All that brings up the idea to combine all the search activity, auditions, announcements, portfolios, event management, contract design etc. into a single place to simplify and fasten the whole organization process and leave more place for the art performance.

The Solution

Inspired and actively supported by a former Cirque du Soleil artists, we developed our own unique solution – GigZone web platform. Its main purpose is to provide the professionals, working in the entertainment sphere, with the ground where they can find jobs or offer vacancies.

The Challenge

  • To optimize the process of searching and hiring performers adhering to the preset budget.
  • Organize space where artists can show their talents and promote themselves.
  • Provide event managers with the ability to place and promote their vacancies.
  • Create channel for direct conversations between artists and potential employers.
  • Develop strict and easy flow for signing contracts between artists and employers.

Expected benefits

  • with the proposed approach event management process can be taken to another height and become much more effective and less time consuming;
  • promotion platform provides fast and easy way for not well-known artists to become recognizable and get the job they always wanted;
  • cntract generation and signing feature provided by the offered solution allows guaranteeing young artists that their work will be worthily paid within specified time period.


Project Results

By the end of the project, we achieved web-system available for both sides of the entertainment industry: talented artists, looking for jobs, and event managers of all kinds, searching for performers. In this matter, GigZone platform was developed with the role-based access. By registering under the role of Artist or Employer, users get access to a wide list of specialized features that cover their specific needs.

Here is the functionality that comes open for users with the Artist role:

  • Profile creation: users are able to create personal profile and specify their experience, rates, and specialization;
  • Portfolio publishing: ability to upload photos, videos, audio, testimonials, etc. to demonstrate own talents and unify personal page;
  • Booking calendar: allows to keep information on booked and available days always up-to-date to simplify booking process for potential employers;/li>
  • Communications: direct channel for communication with other artists and potential or current employers;
  • Jobs application: powerful search engine and customizable filter that allows users find and apply for the best jobs matching all their requirements and capabilities;
  • News and notifications: ability to subscribe preferred employers or artists and keep up with their updates or planned events;
  • Promotions: artists can promote themselves by placing their best photos on the GigZone main page.

Some of the above-listed features such as Profile creation, Communications, and News are available for Employers as well. But apart from that, they can access the following designated functionality:

  • events publishing: ability to create Events pages and furnish them with description, photos, specialization, and expertises;
  • testimonials: Employers are able to rate Artists and leave testimonials if they have shared experience;
  • booking artists: using the filters and search engine provided Employers can find and book performers for their created events that would perfectly fit schedule and budget;
  • promotions: Employers can promote themselves by placing their event posters on the GigZone main page.

But all the features described would be meaningless if the booking flow was taken without any control and lacked the juridical power. Surely it was taken into account, so all the confirmation stages are held under the Administrative supervision and as result contract is prepared and signed by both parts.

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