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Business need

Running a successful restaurant business is easier said than done. Competition is the highest, and it already looks not only as a “race for food”, but also as a competition for the introduction of technological novelties.

To manage the crowd that meets together in restaurants, conferences or hotels lobbies, takes a lot of time and human efforts. So why not to develop the system that would take all of it under control, as well as reserve and book tables, order food and improve customer experience?

What is more, there was an idea of creating a widget that would allow booking tables on the restaurant’s website, even if the restaurant is already closed. This would prevent the loss of potential customers, and hence profits.

The Solution

Softarex Technologies, Inc. has developed the entire multi-component online platform system that helps to manage the line, book the table or to order the food.

For our solution we’ve implemented the following features:

  • Facebook bot builder – it enables to integrate a remote wait line solution directly into the Facebook Business page. The Facebook chatbot is already used by 1 billion people. And as soon as restaurants start using it, this bot will significantly increase the number of their users.
  • Virtual assistant Alexa – from now on you can order your food, book a table or line up just with your voice. All you need is this smart device at hand.
  • SMS bot – all you need is to send an SMS to the particular number and get a reply with your reservation or with your order payment link.
  • One of the features of the solution, apart from everything mentioned above, is a voice answering machine. Calling the number and contacting the bot, you can make a food order, line up, or book a table in your favorite restaurant. The answering machine will not only accept your order but also send an SMS with a confirmation or a link to pay for the order.
  • And what definitely differentiates us from competitors is the developing mobile application, which is able to work offline. This is certainly useful functionality, given the periodic lack of Internet in restaurants. In this way, both people and restaurants will be able to make and receive orders 24/7.

The customer

Our customer is the US company, whose main competencies include information technology services, testing and evaluation, program management and acquisition support.

The Challenge

  • The main goal was to develop a solution that would create an improved client interface and provide excellent service.
  • Moreover, the idea was to create and implement a chatbot that, thanks to constant self-training, could replace the support department.
  • In turn, it should reduce costs from restaurants’ side.
  • The important task was to develop such a reservation widget, that would give a customer an access to restaurant reservation system 24/7. The widget offline mode will engage and keep customers informed even without Internet.

Value Delivered

What was achieved:

  • now with the custom restaurant chatbot it became way easier to increase the customer base and to raise the profit. Chatbots can keep the customers up-to-date 24/7 and provide them with the best services;
  • the the implemented chatbot allows to attract and engage users easier and has plenty of pros:
    • the bot is constantly evolving via customer interaction, which results in effective engagement
    • chatbot is more efficient and less expensive in dealing with customers than a human
    • it allows customers to order in advance
  • diners can easily share info about the restaurant with their friends via social networks;
  • and finally no more overcrowding in the lobby.


Project Results

The functionality that we have developed and implemented:

  • Online ordering – it allows customers to access menus, make an order with delivery or takeout options. Online ordering function can be used with the restaurants website, Facebook Business Page, Facebook Messenger, SMS bot, voice answering machine, and even Amazon Alexa;
  • Dining bot – customers can see key info, get in a wait line, reserve a table, view menus and order food – all in Facebook Messenger;
  • Reservation management – gives the opportunity to capture visitors of the website without the need for a third-party app, even when the restaurant is closed;
  • “Wait-in-line” management – the developed system collects guest behavior, analyzes it, and then creates a list of action items for managers to tackle or assign to staff members;
  • Table and server management – now the restaurant staff can devote more time to visitors, as he already knows where to seat the guests, thanks to the automatic server rotation functions;
  • Facebook integration – the developed widget enables to integrate a remote wait line solution directly into the Facebook Business page;
  • Location updates – that enables hostess to be proactive with customer service and table management due to the guests location;
  • Loyalty program – get points for your visits, orders and food delivery, and spend them on the following restaurant visits;
  • SMS campaigns – the ability to easily customize mailings to customers, using a variety of filters;
  • Social media incentive tool – keep your customers up-to-date with discounts or offerings, while simultaneously sharing your posts on social networks (Twitter, Facebook);
  • POS integrations – increase kitchen efficiency and better intelligence into data and analytics, market your business and encourage repeat visits.

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