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Software and Hi-Tech

Business need

In 2008-2011, when online shopping had already begun to gain popularity, Internet stores started to open increasingly but not all of them could cope with large volumes of sales and rapid operations. Therefore, it was decided to open an international online-shop that would be able to handle all the activities. Since customers were not only from the Netherlands but also from Germany and Belgium, they should be able to view information about the products in different languages.

The Solution

The solution is the store itself, that was integrated with IceOrder and IceCat, and that was built on the Batavi platform. What is more, on the backend everything was integrated with SAP.

The customer

Our Customer is a Dutch company that operates all over the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. The company, that provides its clients with millions of items, sold through the online store, is one of the biggest retailers in Europe. But it is not the only area of activity. The company is also one of the largest supplier of IT services in the Netherlands, that implements large projects quickly and reliably, processes the orders quickly and efficiently, and makes IT easier.

The Challenge

  • To integrate the latest technology and industry standards into the new solution.
  • To build an international store that will operate with millions of items within Europe.
  • To create super fast import of goods to the online store.
  • To develop a convenient and simple online payment.
  • To develop Internet shop using the most advanced technology in programming.

Value Delivered

What was achieved:

  • the rate of generation of one page of the order is 0.1-0.5 seconds, so this online-shop can make a few thousand visitors a day, and place a large number of products in the online store;
  • the amount of sold items increased by 35%;
  • the company has implemented online payment one of the first on the market;
  • access to the virtual shop window is available to any customer, located anywhere in the world on every continent.


Project Results

Softarex Technologies, Inc. managed to create a large and successful project – online-shop, which is open 24/7 for the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Despite the fact that the virtual showcase presents an unlimited number of goods, loading of pages and import of products takes place in a matter of seconds. The user-friendly interface helps its clients quickly and easily find the necessary goods and produce a purchase. Online Store is displayed identically in all the major web browsers. The user of the online store has a special section in which each customer (both registered and not) can view the status of the order and the story of the treatment.

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