Software Architect

Minsk, Belarus

Currently, we are looking for a Software Architect to join our dream team.

In your position, you will combine technical, business analysis, and management skills. Being a strong technical specialist, you will be responsible for all the technical solutions within the project, while simultaneously managing the development team (including development leads), the user interface team and the QA team, and ensure constant communication with the client on all aspects related to the on-time project delivery with the best results.

The projects will have a combination of several technologies. On your part, you need to be an expert in at least one technology, while also having an idea of other technologies. Usually, it is a combination of Java, JavaScript, and PHP technologies.

Part of your work will be to manage a web application for the e-learning domain, which provides a large set of functions for teachers and students. It has a deep internal integration with some other projects and has integration with cloud services provided by AWS, Google, and Azure. These projects are the closest model of the physical learning environment. They contain a lot of diverse functions for clients, such as support for access to several classes, support for multiple languages, implementation of caching strategies, exchange, etc. In addition, our they provide the functionality of a virtual classroom, library, and evaluation center. Now they are at the stage of active development, and you have a great chance to take a leading position in such growing projects.

General requirements:

  • 8+ years experience as a software developer;
  • 3+ years experience as a software architect;
  • Experienced in Java and C++;
  • Experienced in Linux and Windows;
  • Experienced with cloud providers like AWS, Azure or GCP;
  • Understanding of Scrum principles and process;
  • A passion for creating elegant software products;
  • Self-motivated, energetic and open to learn new technologies;
  • Upper Intermediate English (close to Advanced) is a MUST;
  • A BSc / MSc degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or similar field;
  • Working experience with distributed teams.

Core responsibilities:

  • Technical project development – project architecture development;
  • Leading and controlling team development process and its results;
  • Participate in overall project management, time estimation, sprints and resource planning;
  • Communication with the client: review technical requirements and specifications;
  • Review code quality and technical implementations;
  • Cooperate with development teams in the United States, Belarus, and Ukraine.

Working conditions:

We provide an inspiring working environment where our people feel rewarded and engaged.

  • We expect a lot from our employees – and in return, we are also willing to give a great deal. You will challenge difficult, diverse, non-standard projects and tasks. But at the end of the day, you’ll be proud of what you’ve done.
  • We strongly encourage the initiative of growth and development of our guys. It is in your best interest to learn new languages and technologies and to implement them into existing and new projects. It won’t be unattended and we will definitely reward you.
  • We pay great attention to the health of our employees, so we offer wide health insurance, which also includes a dentist. And better drink tea with ginger and lemon, we have it the year round.
  • Softarex Technologies provides only personal attitude to employees. Our HR team helps the newbies at every step of adapting in the company. No less attention is paid to employees who feel here like at home (literally having their own slippers here).
  • Of course, that’s not all at all. Check the full benefits package here and let’s get it started!

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