Discover the secret to in-browser technology as a facilitator of e-Learning at online Educa Berlin 2015



Shane Gau

Lead Digital Transformation Consultant

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    Softarex Technologies, Inc., a cutting-edge custom software and web development company targeting high growth eLearning technology projects in Europe and the USA, announces its sponsorship of Online Educa Berlin 2015. Learning and training professionals will have the opportunity to discuss the latest and most innovative solutions during 2nd-4th December in Berlin, Germany.

    OEB conference, that draws over 2,300 people from 100+ countries all over the world to Berlin annually, has built a reputation for identifying new trends in learning and technology. That is why Softarex Technologies, Inc. has chosen Europe’s leading conference on digital education for presenting our case study “In-Browser Technology as a Facilitator of eLearning”.

    “Today eLearning relies on technological benefits of such online tools as video streaming and broadcasting, whiteboard and screen sharing, MOOCs and virtual classes. At one side the existing software solutions allow students and instructors enjoy real-time rich communications, while at the other – create heterogeneous and heavy IT infrastructure as a barrier for smooth integration and support. The mesh of multi-vendor environment and numerous excessive APIs slow down further development of eLearning and take away its basic values of scalability, accessibility, and affordability.”

    Arseni Shylau, Business Development Manager at Softarex Technologies, Inc.

    Speaking to corporate, educational and public service representatives, Mr. Shylau will share a vision of in-browser technology as an evolutionary way of reaping all the benefits while overcoming the above constraints.

    Online Educa Berlin 2015