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Shane Gau

Lead Digital Transformation Consultant

Take a look at why Softarex is the best choice for creating custom-tailored applications, new products, and individual services. Schedule a live demo with Shane Gau, our Lead Digital Transformation Consultant, who will answer your questions and describes how Softarex can help your business grow bigger?

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    Projects by industries and domains

    Healthcare and Medicine

    Data Science/Big Data Computer Vision AI and Chatbots Cloud Solutions IoT, Industry 4.0 Mobile Applications Blockchain
    Value-based solution for healthcare sphere
    Automatic reflex diagnostics system
    Patient sanitary document management
    Web-based EHR solution - medical practice management software
    Hospital booking service
    Medical billing software

    Financial Technologies

    Analysis of expenses for mobile and online banking
    Cloud-based trading platform

    Energy, Utilities and Manufacturing

    Portal for smart metering management and electricity billing
    Web application for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning management
    Lighting management application for Smart Houses
    Android application for meter data collection for homeowners
    Device-independent meter reading software
    IoT-based management system for water supply stations

    Restaurant Business and Hospitality

    Hi-Tech online platform for the restaurant business
    A social app for connecting people during flights and layovers
    Restaurant Inventory Management Tool
    System for remote food measurement

    Software and Hi-Tech

    Platform for conducting online trainings
    Portal for distance learning
    Time period scheduling tool for virtual machines
    Sports Community Application
    Mobile application for latest business industry news
    Web-based application for recruitment agency
    Fail-safe migration tool with a data integrity guarantee
    Mobile app for renting and offering advertisement spaces
    The sports statistics tool with computer vision algorithms
    Advertising browser games
    Remote conferencing systems

    What our customers say

    Anicia Gau
    VP Business Development

    I’ve bеen working with Softarex for more than six years and three things were the cornerstones of our cooperation: quality, communication, and accessibility. These guys have always clearly understood all the functional specs I needed and gave me the best translation into the tech specs. All the databases were structured into the utmost flexibility – you can leave all the hardcoded stuff to the ancient times. Definitely 5 stars!

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    Daan Hommes, MD, PhD
    CEO at DEAR Health, Inc.

    We hired Softarex Technologies, Inc. for a large, complex development project. They did an excellent job. The project was done on time and on budget. We continue to work them on new projects.

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    Kevin Woodward
    ReadyTech Corporation President

    For all the time of working with Softarex Technologies, the difference between customer-contractor relations and partnership relations has become clear. That is exactly how this company builds the working process - you both (the company and its client) becomes partners. And it is not only to sign a contract, but it is also about negotiations, discussions, compromises, constant communication and joint decision making. Softarex will deliver its client a turn-key solution that exceeds all the expectations, all on time and within the budget. And after that, they will provide with a superior customer care that will maintain the relationships for years. Noventic provides devices and systems for the consumption-based collection and billing of water and heat and serves customers worldwide. Since 2010, various solutions in preparation of the internet of things (IoT) have been developed. For us, Softarex Technologies, Inc. has developed housing and public utilities solution - the future for energy suppliers. With the new system meter, readouts can be carried out at any time and fulfill upcoming regulations. The supplier can give transparency and thereby obtain trust from tenants and housing industries in the service. The team we’ve worked with earns praise for their timeliness, collaborative approach, and technical expertise. Their transparent clarifications minimize confusion and ensure clean high-quality deliverables.

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    Thomas Ahlborn
    Head of corporate marketing

    We’ve been working with Softarex Technologies, Inc. team for over two years. These guys have brought us from the Stone Age to the Digital Age. Their team has developed the state-of-the-art billing and information management software for SYBE as well as web-based Clinic Management Software for SYBE's clients. Both solutions are at the cutting edge, meeting all the requirements and standards: ANSI 835, 837; Meaningful Use; HIPAA, HL 7 and ODBS compliant; ICD 10 Diagnostics, CPT/HCPCS, NDC numbers; CMS-1500 claims, etc.

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    Steven Garrett
    President of SYBE Medical Management

    What I found extremely interesting in Softarex Technologies, Inc. it is the possibilities to use a wide range of technologies and each time get the same quality and time-requirement! I strongly suggest cooperating with Softarex Technologies!

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    Carmine Mattera
    IT Director at Artensys S.r.l.

    Softarex Technologies, Inc. delivers “what” they promise, “when” they say they are going to complete a job and that is a great thing. Most business people “over promise” to get your money, and then they “under perform”. I appreciate your great work and professionalism. You have earned my trust! Keep doing what you are doing and you will build your business with great success.

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    Marc R. Bakerman
    President and Founder of The Child I.D. Program, Inc.

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