Softarex Technologies, Inc., selected by Clutch as a firm that delivers

We are proud to announce that Softarex Technologies, Inc. was recently added to Clutch’s directory of web and software development firms and has been listed as one of the Top Developers in Belarus. Top Developers in Belarus 2016

The research by Clutch showed that our profound technological and industry domain expertise as well as proven ability to deliver full-cycle software development services to a wide variety of global clients has led to Softarex being ranked as one of the tops among other contenders. To select industry’s leading providers of software development services, Clutch analysts use a proprietary framework, the Leaders Matrix, in order to map firms’ focus areas and their ability to deliver on client expectations.

Clutch is a Washington, DC-based analyst firm that identifies top services providers in the technology, marketing, and digital industries. They provide independent analysis on leading services firms through an innovative research process that melds the best of traditional B2B research and newer consumer review services to assist small, medium and large enterprises with finding reliable partners that meet their needs. So when it came time to find a platform to showcase our services, Softarex knew that Clutch would help us receive the visibility we need.

“As more and more companies take advantage of the many opportunities that digital marketing provides for them to reach out to and effectively engage with their target markets, getting the word out is very important. Our inclusion in Clutch’s directory helps to ensure that those looking for the types of services we provide will be able to find us quickly.”

Alexander Lipanov, CEO of Softarex Technologies, Inc.

From a thorough summary of our services to detailed charts showing prospective clients which industries we serve, to a list of some of our biggest customers, visitors to our profile can gain a better understanding of who we are and what we do. But the most important part of our profile on is the client reviews and testimonials section which is crucial in giving potential customers a glimpse into what it’s like to work with Softarex. What’s unique about this section is that analysts from Clutch actually reach out and interview our past clients, asking them for honest, unbiased feedback about our services and expertise.

As of right now, we have a 5.0-star rating, so we are feeling pretty confident about meeting our clients’ needs. One of our satisfied clients, the IT director at a computer software company, wrote: “We always get great flexibility in the project management. In the case that we need a strong support for a brief period in which we must meet some scheduled deadline, Softarex always gets us the support to match the goal with good quality.” Top Web Developers in Belarus 2016

Another valued client of ours, the CEO at an app marketing platform company, said: “Softarex’s professionalism, efficiency, and communication is unmatched. They like to run through a short meeting 1-2 times per week. That’s good because we are never in doubt of what’s going on. They communicate very well and frequently.”

Overall, we are excited about our Clutch profile, and the success that it’s brought us so far. If you haven’t already, check out our Clutch profile, and let us know your thoughts! Then get in touch to see how we can apply our software development expertise to your specific business needs.