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    Softarex Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce participation at IT & Business 2015, a trade fair for digital processes and solutions. The latest IT topics concerning enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise content management (ECM) and output management would be under focus at Stuttgart this autumn. From September 29th till October 1st, 2015 major Europe companies involved in the most intensive developing sphere would have the possibility to share their experience and gained expertise about Cloud computing, mobile solutions, Industry 4.0 and their influence on daily practice.

    On the 1st of October at conference room ICS 6.1 at Stuttgart Fair Softarex plans to discuss what is “The right way to outsource: avoiding the pitfalls and reaping all rewards”. All interested are welcomed to join the discussion.

    “We’re delighted to share our knowledge and expertise with key European experts”, said Alexander Lipanov, CEO of Softarex Technologies Inc. “During 15 years Softarex been focused on outsourcing custom development, that is how we’ve gained great practical experience towards this issue. We sincerely believe that our tips about the approach how to choose outsourcing provider would be helpful and beneficial.”

    Each company have an obvious target: grow their business to success and welfare. It can be done by many means and it goes without saying that outsourcing is among them. But as everything has its bright and dark sides, sometimes it’s hard to overcome numerous hesitations concerning new moves. Softarex is sharing the knowledge what is the right way to outsource, what pitfalls to avoid and what aspects pay attention to. How to build mutual long-term relationship with software provider so that both of you can achieve all the objectives that are set.