What to expect in 2017: outsourcing trends

Let’s say, lots of us are well versed in what is outsourcing and what are its pros and cons. You have a project but not a workforce? Not a problem, outsourcing company has. Want to develop a new product but don’t know how? Take it easy, they know how. Outsourcing is growing day by day. 2017 is definitely an up-and-coming year for the outsourcing industry. The main theme of the year is the optimization of business processes and making use of centralized technology. Let’s take a look at most interesting trends:

outsourcing trends 2017

Machine Learning

In recent years machine learning has made a huge leap forward. Machine learning is such a technology that trains software, therefore, developers don’t have to code manually. Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Google – these companies have already realized in which direction to grow and develop. ML is becoming widespread: from improved cybersecurity to the optimization of self-driving cars. And it is only the beginning. Modern technologies have reached a stage that very soon you will be advised what kind of milk to buy, based on your preferences. Is the Machine learning a “new normal”? Will see.

Usage of the Hybrid Cloud

What is that? Years ago, Cloud technology was presented. In upcoming 2017 year, it is worth mentioning that in business processes the Cloud will be used even more, specifically the Hybrid Cloud. Let’s sort it out. The Hybrid Cloud is simply an integrated Cloud service that use both public and private clouds to reach business functions within the same organization with ease. This new model will give end-users even more features and benefits. The Cloud service is divided into public (hosted by a cloud provider such as Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud platform) and private (runs by a single organization). The Hybrid Cloud combines both, at least one public and one private cloud.

IoT and Smart Home Tech

Standardization of this IoT is a key trend in 2017. Year-by-year we’ve heared about Smart homes and how they are simplifying our lives. IoT got to its incredible heights. Then why do we still live in the homes of silly? There are some reasons: too much competition, not enough collaboration, high prices. But in fact, on the market, there are a lot of separate applications and devices, but there is no coherent structure to connect it all together. Starting from now, when such giants as Google, Amazon, or Apple already have found the correlation between all the factors, we can expect that the process will move forward.

As a good example of not an only smart device, but also environment protector let’s take a look at GreenVaro, the universal hardware, and software system, developed for complex environmental monitoring applications. GreenVaro differs from all known environmental monitoring solutions as it allows extensible integrated environmental monitoring of up to 14 parameters simultaneously. You can easily use it at home, in the restaurants, cafes, or hospitals. All the collected data will be displayed on your smartphone or on the system’s website.

The main question: will it become unnecessary for people to be “smart” if they can just delegate their responsibilities to the smart microwave or vacuum cleaner? Looks like soon Internet of Things will turn into Internet of Everything.

2017 is a year to develop your own chatbot

Even if your business is not connected with customer service, it shouldn’t be a cause not to create your own chatbot. And there are many reasons why it can be useful. Chatbots can help your customers to select the suitable products, to support them, to send reminders, and to improve the level of service, and you at the same time, are focusing on the main thing – your core business. It can really save your time.

Why Chatbots:

  • available 24/7. They are always in touch. Chatbots are willing to work hours on end. It is important for the level of service and sales in your business.
  • a quick way to communicate. Chatbots are always waiting for customers in the common messengers. They don’t need to install the mobile application, to remember website or phone number.
  • cost optimization. Chatbots will save money on the development of mobile applications. Moreover, you will win on routine tasks.
  • help to the support department. They can respond to simple questions, covering the first support level. If necessary, chatbot can send the client to a specialist.
  • Softarex Technologies, Inc. doesn’t want to remain on the sidelines and is already working on the creation of financial chatbot Finmatex.

    Increase in virtual employees

    Nowadays lots of freelancers and outsourcing providers can work remotely with ease, all they need is the Internet and some other means of communication. And it is really very convenient, no need to go to the office every day or to meet with the boss. In 2017 we can expect an increase in virtual agents, especially in the offshore outsourcing industry. If you think that it’s impractical, think twice. There are several reasons why offshore outsourcing and virtual employees can work side-by-side:

    • low labor costs;
    • a delegation of tasks;
    • you focus only on core processes;
    • time-saving;
    • high performance;
    • flexibility in time zones;
    • easy to approach.

    And no, the virtual employee is not a freelancer. The virtual employee will work for you exclusively and full-time. But no matter in what part of the world is the developer’s office, it is necessary to control the quality of the code, that he provides. And for now the best solution is codeNforcer, a cloud-based software quality improvement environment, that is able to control the quality of the code in the cloud automatically.

    Security stays top of mind

    Cyber security or IT security has always been the most important and at the same time the weakest part in the IT field. And it will stay in such a way in the new year. Drones, aerial vehicles, more and more are gaining popularity, and they definitely are the main candidates for the abduction in 2017. Since they are directly linked to all your other mobile devices, for hackers that make sense. So during this year a lot of effort will be put into improving their security. The winners of IoT will be those who are able to code their own solutions totally secured.

    Humanized Big Data

    Big Data becomes a human face. For last 5 years Big Data was one of the main topics in IT industry, and now it is not only a buzzword.  Right now we are staying at the beginning of the path when the collected data will help us in planning better medical treatments or in the conduct of successful marketing companies. The focus era is incredibly large. With the rapid implementation of digital devices, an invincible, invisible force is changing human lives in unbelievable ways.  In 2017 it is expected that Big data will collect more of your personal data, gradually taking root firmly in your home and personal space. Starting from now,  it will become ever perceptible and tangible.

    Centralization of IT delivery systems

    In earlier years business owners confided to several suppliers and vendors. In 2017, supposed to be the year of streamlining business processes, they would prefer to trust and to outsource to one IT vendor. That is fair enough. Sometimes fewer people involved in the work is the better. The costs are cutting, the time is saving, productivity and efficiency are increasing, and the quality of service is getting higher as soon as the vendor wants to keep up the relationship with the customer for many years. So in 2017, the outsourcing companies should expand the range of services provided and to hire more highly qualified specialists.


    Already, the automation gets to all the spheres of activity, simplifying work and reducing our time. 2017 is going to be the mainstay of this trend when the latest technology will automate the previously exclusive human tasks.

    One of the most growing areas, where automation will spread, is the healthcare, agriculture and financial sectors. The automated bank is the next big step for the banking sector.
    Yes, unfortunately, some job positions will disappear completely, but isn’t it a right cause to keep learning and growing?

    If you read the article carefully, you probably caught pattern in the trend, gradually simplifying our lives and bringing all our efforts at work almost to zero? The IT world is incredibly deep and unbounded when the novelties and invention are feeling our lives day-by-day. Yes, it is the era of progress. But how to understand when “How much is too much”?