Android application for meter data collection for homeowners

Energy and Manufacturing

Business need

Today people and companies are striving to automate as many processes as possible. This also includes meter data collection. In order to ease the transition for companies that collect this data manually was needed a solution that still required a person to be present at the site, where data reading should be done. But that wouldn’t require to go and check each and every meter reading themselves, because it will be done by wireless data sending.

The Solution

We delivered an Android application with intuitive interface that allows to collect meters data using a bluetooth wM-Bus receiver and to get a visual feedback of the progress. Web application for managing buildings, apartments and its meters combined with a PC application for enabling offline usage, doubtlessly helps companies that collect meters’ data manually. Such a perfect combination does their job easier and gradually transit to fully automatic meter data collection. This state of things significantly reduces time and human resources.

The customer

Our customer is a German company, that has a deep expertise in the industry of housing, private households, marketing and research.

The Challenge

  • The main goal was to make it possible to get meter readings without having a direct physical access to them. Also, data collecting process should be done in as few clicks as possible and under 10 minutes per site.

Value Delivered

What was achieved:

  • we have developed the web application for managing buildings, apartments and meters, assigned to them;
  • Android application to collect meters data with visual feedback was created;
  • synchronization of buildings, meters and collected data between an android device and a server was implemented;
  • an opportunity to use application in offline mode after initial synchronization, downloading and decrypting collected data from a PC to a CSV file was created.


Project Results

  • Data collection of wM-Bus protocol stacks;
  • Encrypted local storage of the collected data;
  • Real-time information of the energy consumption of a building;
  • Now all the collected data can be fast and easily transferred to the server.

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