Business need

The current software in the field of creating trading strategies is designed for methods of obsolete indicator technical analysis, so ordinary traders don’t have an access to many strategies. While creating trading algorithms in specialized development environments (WealthLab, MetaStock), there arises the question of complete robust process automation, because the programs are desktop applications. The question is how to interface the algorithm with the gateways of brokers and the steady operation of communication channels. First, it is quite difficult to implement without special preparation, second, that depends on the stability of the Internet channel. That is why the decision to develop trading platform was made.

The Solution

TraderClouds is a wide selection of brokers and stock exchange tools for creating a variety of strategies and diversified portfolios.

The main functions:

  • connection of accounts from different brokers in one customer’s office and the possibility of their joint analysis;
  • a wide range of available tools: stocks, ETF, futures, options;
  • visual designer of trading robots.

Our project is not just a social trading platform or a product for professional traders. This platform allows people to realize themselves in the profession due to the analytical capabilities of the platform; and others to find new opportunities for investing in strategies that previously were not available to them, to create portfolios of different strategies for diversifying the overall investment risk.

The combination in this platform of a professional terminal, extensive opportunities for creating trading algorithms and social trading technology will allow the project to achieve a synergistic effect.

The product prescribes standards for connection channels with brokers, and if necessary, a trader can use a direct connection to stock exchanges. This allows the trader to focus only on their algorithms, and not on creating an accompanying infrastructure.

The software package allows the customer to use various analysis methods: fundamental analysis, technical analysis, volume analysis, mathematical methods. Also, traders will be able to create and test arbitrage and option strategies.

Implementation of the possibility to create various strategies, such as speculative, portfolio, arbitrage, that option will allow investors to have an access to strategies with different levels of risk and profitability, creating portfolios of different strategies and diversifying the risks of the aggregate portfolio of robots.

The customer

Under NDA.

The Challenge

  • To create optional and arbitration robots.
  • Opportunity to get acquainted with the description and history of trading strategies open to auto tracking or consulting.
  • To implement trading algorithms and recommendations from own company on the basis of fundamental, technical analysis, mathematical methods and automation of news background analysis.
  • The ability to use the training mode on history at different speeds for manual and semi-automatic trading using methods of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning.

Value Delivered

What was achieved:

  • the implementation of the platform based on cloud technologies allows the user to enter the terminal from any device connected to the Internet anywhere in the world;
  • algorithms of traders are located on the leased servers of the company in data centres around the world, that provides an uninterrupted connection with brokers.


Project Results

Thanks to Softarex Technologies, Inc. new possibilities in active trading and capital management based on advanced technologies and artificial intelligence were born. But that’s not all:

  • a social network for users with the ability to exchange information, sell and buy trading strategies was developed;
  • algorithm for calculating the rating of users of the platform and their transition into the rank of professionals to promote their trading strategies was implemented;
  • the possibility of creating and testing trading robots on the basis of fundamental, technical analysis and typical mathematical methods for processing series was created.

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