Device-independent meter reading software

Energy and Manufacturing

Business need

The main idea was to create a solution that would be engaged in the provision of energy meters, using an innovative cloud software that could easily be used for all Digital metering devices. Moreover, one of the main goals was to create such a billing system that would allow to make out an invoice when it is convenient. What is more, it was necessary to make an individual meter encryption with AES keys according to legal regulations.

The Solution

We have developed special software that can work for all types of energy. With easily accessible real-time usage data always at еthe fingertips solution empowers subscribers to make smarter energy choices, and by doing that, to take back the control of their money. From the energy companies to the homeowners, solution makes everyone’s life easier.

The Challenge

  • To develop special software for all types of energy: gas, oil, water, heat, and electricity.
  • To create such energy meters that would transfer the data wirelessly.
  • All the transferred information should be encrypted and stored in the digital cloud.

Value Delivered

What was achieved:

  • cloud-based collaborative head end system in the cloud, was developed;
  • all subscribers can have their own access to real-time energy consumption data;
  • two-way communication enables not only meter reading but also meter control, such as closing gas/water valves etc.;
  • with this solution a meter deployment can be remotely read out and permanently monitored;
  • can be used for single meter installations as well for large smart meter roll outs;
  • tenant portal with actual consumption data was created.


Project Results

Starting from 2014, Softarex Technologies, Inc. has developed a device-independent meter reading software, cost effective and fully automated system for remote readout, management, processing, transmission and storage of the consumption data from multiple smart meters (heating, water, gas, electricity). Since 2016 it has appeared in the European market. Thanks to all the efforts, software have truly revolutionized the energy industry.

Apart from all above mentioned the mobile application came with one more advantage: since it was developed as cross platform solution, it became even more accessible and covered the most of Customer’s clientele.

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