Future Factory

With the convergence of operating technology and information technology, we have created a whole new concept of industrial manufacturing, which is meant to combine our design-to-value framework, fulfillment execution systems, shop floor incident reporting systems, and shop floor analytics. With core manufacturing and enterprise systems as the foundation, this analytics-heavy offering serves to make industrial manufacturing more intelligent, responsive and efficient. In turn, it helps our clients’ businesses to stay competitive.

After almost 20 years of work, we have solid expertise to provide:

  • Strategy consulting;
  • Planning and implementation services to help our clients transform their products to smart and connected ones;
  • Digital technologies across sensory enablement;
  • IoT adoption, wireless connectivity, cloud-based infrastructure, and analytics.

Industry Solutions

Our expertise has crystallized into a batch of living projects that are being used by people from different institutions and parts of the world:
  • Lighting control system
  • Objects recognition and identification systems
  • Portal for Smart Metering Management
  • Environmental Monitoring System
  • Portal for Electricity Billing
  • Cloud-based software quality improvement environment
  • Device-independent meter reading software
  • IoT-based management systems

We will help you envision innovation possibilities and uncover breakthrough opportunities using Digital because we bring together the best-of-breed technologies to cover the entire Digital value chain.


Smart Metering is an important part of our expertise and takes noticeable place in our portfolio. And there is no wonder, as during the last years this approach has brought the metering to a new level and is now far from being just an option.

In general, it combines two main components:

  • Collection of metering data (may that be water, gas, electricity, etc.)
  • Infrastructure between the meters and end users (service providers, property management companies, tenants, etc.)

Our solutions are profitable for all stakeholders: be it public utilities or consumers — it shows a batch of plus points:

  • Decreasing of time and expenses for the manual data collection and processing;
  • Real-time information on the water, gas, or power consumption accessible for both utility and tenants;
  • High billing transparency for tenants;
  • Protection from illegal meters modifications and malware;
  • Up-to-date information on the meters state;
  • Support of a wide range of meters and concentrators from different manufacturers;
  • Data security obtained with OMS data transmission, state-of-the-art firewalls and IT security, regular data back-ups;
  • Easy to install and use;
  • All operations carried out remotely without laying wires.


To cover a big variety of meters and gateways types (e.g. wireless or wired), manufacturers (Germany, Italy, China, USA, Canada) and adjust to the majority of standards, accepted in each country, we have mastered the data transmission over following protocols:

  • ProtocolsDALI
  • EnOcean
  • Mbus
  • Wmbus
  • Zigbee
  • HL7
  • TCP/IP
  • UDP
  • SOAP
  • JSON
  • SIP
  • RTP
  • RTCP
  • HTTP
  • FTP

Smart House

Being an important constituent of the Internet of Things, Smart House is a trend that we obviously could not pass by. Apart from participating in a number of projects we have also invested into our own innovative product — hardware and software system for environmental monitoring, GreenVaro.

This solution makes it possible to collect and analyze various environmental parameters and display results straight on a smartphone.

For example, it can monitor Air Humidity, Air Temperature, Ammonia (NH3), Atmospheric Pressure, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon, Monoxide (CO), Combustible Gases (LPG), and more.

Also, there are an extensive variety of different possible IoT devices that can be connected to collect and transmit data via RESTApi and Modbus standards.


Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation is another important division of the industry we are gladly working with, as we have solid expertise in technologies that push progress forward: IIoT, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, DNN, etc.

What do we bring with this approach?

Higher Productivity
With our special optimization algorithms that calculate optimal working parameters based on the necessary volumes of delivery.

Higher Quality
With our systems that conduct daily devices’ tests during the actual production process on the plants.

Higher Flexibility
With our applications that work at any distance from any mobile device, and serves fully adapted with configurable controllers, which cuts all the unnecessary time expenditures and financial expenses for service connection.

Higher Information Accuracy
With automated data collection that allows to improve data accuracy, reduce data collection costs and provides users with solid facts to make informed decisions when it comes to waste reducing and processes improving.



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