Business need

In our times of fast growing rates of manufacturing and resources consumption the environmental conditions people leave in abound with dangerous factors that could affect their health. In the long run it results in various pathological process and illnesses. In its turn it causes decreasing of life duration and working abilities and raise of costs for health care and sick days paying. All this brings up the need of the system that would allow to check and control surroundings state to prevent financial losses caused by physical health rate depression.

The Solution

Our own innovation, GreenVaro (Patent Pending. Application No. 15/088,658) is an all-encompassing approach that embodies hardware and software designed to collect and analyze wide range of conditional parameters including air humidity and temperature, carbon dioxide and monoxide levels, dust levels, etc.

The Challenge

  • To design compact device that will perform monitoring for the wide list of environmental factors.
  • To make system highly customizable and module in order to fulfill diverse requirements of broad clientele.
  • To collect environmental data and perform its full analysis.
  • To provide users with plain and comprehensive breakdowns on the leaving/working area conditions.
  • To furnish monitoring approach with alerting service to notify users in case of critical conditions changes.

Expected benefits

  • with the proposed approach environment complex monitoring can become much more available and customary for the average people;
  • environmental analysis provided in a plain self-explanatory form will give the insight into current state of the surroundings and raise people’s concern for nature protection;
  • sensor modules for dust and allergens rates alongside with the alerts system will ease lives of people suffering from respiratory conditions;


Project Results

Our time and efforts resulted in a working prototype that comprises two main components: GreenVaro Monitoring Device and Mobile Application that in complex perform environmental monitoring and analysis. Monitoring Device is a modular system that consists of a Central Unit and additional sensor modules that append to the Central Unit via mini-USB connectors or wireless communications. The Central Unit contains a processor, power supply, a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules and basic set of sensors. This approach makes the system highly customizable to the user needs as it allows to assemble own set-up with the most appropriate sensor modules without changing the Central Unit. All the data gathered and processed by Monitoring Device will be sent to the server. GreenVaro mobile application in its turn will allow a user to connect to the server via Wi-Fi in order to gain full access to the collected information. The application will also provide access to the expert data analysis system and a variety of tips and recommendations for improving environmental conditions in specific situations according to user’s local standards. The full list of features mobile application currently can provide is as follows:

  • measurements history and updates: All the collected info is stored in order to provide full and detailed statistics on environment changes;
  • data visualisation: Plain charts and breakdowns showing the parameters dynamics and their conformance to set standards;
  • notifications send-out allows to alert user if one of the parameters goes above or below the accepted range;
  • useful tips: Displaying of the analytical information from the expert system and recommendations for environmental conditions improvements;
  • settings configuration: Ability to set preferences on notification delivery and data sending to the server.

The other advantageous feature of this app is its ability to run on both Android and iOS platforms, which makes GreenVaro system even more compliant.

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