Business need

The problem of many hospitals was that patients had to stand in lines and wait for their turn for a long time when the doctor will prescribe certain treatment. But there is more to come. To get the treatment they had to make another appointment and to wait again. It wasn’t convenient at all. Therefore, the decision to create a solution for recording at the reception was quite logical and justified. That is how Hospital Booking Service — registration system for automatisation of the appointment m

The solution

The application is based on the concept that a patient can ask the hospital for certain services. While requiring a service, a patient enters personal information and then are placed on a waiting list. Then an operator performs a service assignment which involves assigning this patient to the requested service.

The customer

Our customer is a computer software company that specializes in the development of a health care solution. Since the competition in the market is very high, the company is trying to be flexible and produce only high-quality solutions for the Healthcare sector.

The Challenge

The main idea was not only to create an application for booking an appointment, thanks to which patients could sign up for a reception and book a certain service, but also to implement an ACL system that would give different levels of access for patients and doctors. Using the app, the patient is able to select the most convenient appointment and the service he wants, and the doctor can decide if it’s necessary or not.

Value Delivered

What was achieved:

  • the waiting time was significantly reduced;
  • it became much easier to make an appointment;
  • thanks to the Date Confirmation function, less appointments were missed;
  • thus, hospitals will not encounter unrealized consultation anymore;
  • the number of hospital requests has increased as hospitals have become more organized.


Project Results

With a help of value-based healthcare authoring tool for chronic disease management and the mobile application users can easily manage their disease activity to improve the health outcome in a cost-effective manner. As chronic disease management program patients, application users have access to the following functionality:

  • review of their personalized care program, clinical and laboratory results, upcoming labs, clinic visits, scheduled home care, and procedures;
  • update their current disease activity state and quality of life and work productivity;
  • ability to place a call for an appointment or to apply for hospitals for getting the directions to clinics online.

The key features that were implemented during the development:

  • ACL – a control list that determines who can access a specific object;
  • Dictionary – after registration in the system the patient will have an access to the dictionary that describes all the services and procedures;
  • Patient Registration/Modification – the patient can register in the system and order the services he wants. In case of any changes he can easily modify his request;
  • ‘Waiting List’ Registration and Modification – the operator will assign you any convenient free date after placing your request in the system;
  • History Management – all your queries, the history of diseases and treatment are stored in one place. Moreover, it is absolutely confidential;
  • Date Confirmation – the patient should confirm the appointment date to ensure that its kept;
  • Service Execution – on the appointed day it is necessary to come into the hospital to receive the treatment.

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