IoT-based management system for water supply stations

Business need

Typically demand for water varies over day and night, resulting in variable volumes of water and output pressure by water supply stations. For this reason, water supply stations are equipped with various pumps capable of different throughput, output pressure and power consumption. Wise distribution of load between the pumps provides very significant cost savings on electricity bills. That is why to develop the system that will reduce costs for water supply stations was a really great idea particularly with abilities for monitoring water pump parameters through mobile application.

The Solution

By request of our customer Softarex Technologies, Inc. has developed specialized software to provide automatic optimization and management of operational parameters for the water pumps. The software is embedded into multiple PLC (programmable logic controllers) working in real time Linux environment. This software allows managing pumps in real time based on commands generated by server-side software. The server-side software collects information from pumps about current settings, gets information about required amounts of water consumption and does calculations about changes of pumps’ working parameters. In server-side software was released a special optimizations algorithm that calculates optimal working parameters for water pumps based on the necessary volume of water delivery. We have developed the mobile application that allows an operator to monitor system status and parameters, including reports for entire system.

The customer

Our client is a water supplier company from Italy.

The Challenge

  • Most difficult part of this system is an optimization algorithm, that is capable to work in real time and to do optimization based on many parameters.

Value Delivered

What was achieved:

  • saved electrical energy at the level of 25%;
  • optimal work of pumps decreased pumps technical support time to 18%;
  • pumps service costs decreased to 15% on average;
  • personal productivity grows to 15% because they spending less amount of time for pumps monitoring and technical service.


Project Results

  • The goal of the project was to provide cost savings on electricity consumed by water supply station;
  • The costs for water supply stations were seriously reduced thank to electrical energy savings.

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