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Business need

Through the years of intensive work despite all the changes in products and publications, mobility and velocity retained our Customer’s top priority. He understood that provided industry insights and bird’s-eye views of the latest trends are the most valuable when fresh and targeted. This claims urged the need of an app that would deliver industry-specific info to the executives in the most smart way.

The Solution

The final product developed by Softarex Technologies, Inc. was the mobile application that provided free and convenient access to the latest news briefs and feature articles from across 12 business industries in real time.

The customer

Our customer is a Washington, D.C.-based digital media company that has been delivering the latest industry news, trends and original analysis for 2 million executives in 12 industries for the past five years.

The Challenge

  • To develop application that will provide Customer’s clientele with the materials considering industrees they are most interested in.
  • To support app with notification system that will keep clients updated about important news and events.
  • To implement error logging in order to ensure system stable and smooth performance.
  • To make application self-explanatory and obvious even for non-techy users.

Value Delivered

What was achieved:

  • proposed approach allowed Customer to improve his competitiveness and bring his performance on a higher level;
  • the delivered mobile application provided practical way for the business executives to stay always aware and competent, especially if their interest lays on the edge of different specifications.


Project Results

The new mobile solution came with the list of functions that helped executives to make their marketing efforts more effective and targeted. By achieving new portative format the old familiar source became even more available and convenient. Here is the list of key features that the delivered application combines:

  • personalization: allows users to customize newsfeed and notification sendout and save their preferences;
  • industries selection: the opportunity to choose the coverage from 12 supplied business industries;
  • topics filter: the ability to peel apart the news even inside the chosen industries and read the content that matters;
  • push notifications dispatch: brings the ability to be the first to know about the industry events, jobs, commentary, etc.;
  • tutorial: the tips kit that helps to introduce the app to novice non-techy users;
  • crashlytics integration: the possibility to collect reports on any system defects that could appear in order to fix them in the shortest time possible.

Apart from all above mentioned the mobile application came with one more advantage: since it was developed as cross platform solution, it became even more accessible and covered the most of Customer’s clientele.

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