Business need

For a long time, the market has lacked a platform where users could download your sports videos and receive notifications and offers from scouts, fans, and coaches.

The Solution

In collaboration with its client, Softarex Technologies, Inc. has developed a mobile platform that can connect players, parents and coaches with a community of national and international clubs and scouts. With this application, users can upload short highlights of matches and share their best sports skills, while scouts linked to professional clubs can quickly spot the best action on sports fields.

With a specially built back-end access to the app, clubs and scouts can also gain valuable information on the best players and quickly identify hidden talents. In the near future, the app will also be used for club communications, e-learning and marketing purposes.

The Challenge

  • We could not find a system on the market that would not only broadcast the match, but at the same time would keep a record of the players’ behavior, memorizing their every move, and then compiling all the received data into one statistic. That is why the main goal was to develop such a tech solution that could offer a fully automated broadcast system, and wherein could analyze the behavior of players.

Value Delivered

What was achieved:

  • the solution offers goal detection based on behavioral analysis. Once a goal is detected the system automatically creates a highlight by making a clip that summarizes the action leading up to the final move;
  • During match recording, the system recognizes all the moves of the players. When the match is over, it generates a match summary with all goals.


Project Results

Thanks to the new application, you can take full advantage of its rich functionality, that consists of:

  • live broadcasting of matches for fans and sponsors;
  • automatic detection of goals and capture of the highlights, which at the end of the match will add up to one stats;
  • offer technical staff complete match analysis after the match, that will clearly show the players’ behavior on the field;
  • video that can be used with any analysis tool, that allows to convert video into a source of quantitative data of moving.

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