Web application for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning management

Energy and Manufacturing

Business need

Web-dispatching or the so-called Internet-dispatching is steadily gaining momentum. Therefore, it was decided to create a service for the remote dispatching of ventilation systems and air conditioning systems. It was important that all the conditions of the supply and exhaust systems could be displayed on any mobile device: phone, smartphone, tablet or on a regular stationary PC.

The Solution

Together with our client, a new web-based system was developed – the tool for managing engineering systems at any distance from any mobile device. The system is based on the standard solution of AutoSCADA and supports work with the controllers of different manufacturers. The Web server is fully adapted to the work algorithms, embedded in configurable controllers, which allows connecting to the service without unnecessary time expenditures and financial expenses from the client.

The Challenge

  • The main goal was to develop a service that would help to manage ventilation systems from everywhere and will allow to safely set the settings and modes, turn on and off the equipment, receive notifications by SMS and e-mail.

Value Delivered

What was achieved:

  • thanks to the fact that we have developed a system that is a configurable project, users only need to enter the configuration codes of the controllers and associate the variables with the “terminal blocks” of the air-handling unit, and this reduces the time. Since part of the project is delivered in an open form, it allows the user to adapt the windows of mnemonic schemes to their requirements, as well as create new windows and documents in the settings.


Project Results

At the heart of the service for remote dispatching of ventilation systems and air conditioning systems are cloud technologies. The service itself is deployed on the hosting of a reliable Internet provider. Below is the list of the main features:

  • all elements used on UI are functional elements which can manage real systems and sensors;
  • for building schemes we implemented an expandable library of elements in SVG format with extensive abilities for animation;
  • full functional IDE for design development for HMI for industrial panels was used;
  • was developed the conversion of all user interfaces, workflow, logic into a one-page JavaScript application for launching on industrial panels;
  • all the possibilities for configuring the elements on the HMI panel and setting up the production process were used;
  • generated JavaScript can be run in a wide list of industrial panels;
  • functional blocks, written on LBD, ST, and other IEC 61113 languages, are translated into JavaScript and executed in the separate workers;
  • the system doesn’t require any start-up costs. Subscription for services is made at affordable prices and only at the time that you use it.

At the moment, the system allows dispatching the HVAC industry. It is also important to note that the service can be
modified for any user. If necessary, additional signals from other engineering systems (for example, an electrician)
can be outputted, and their control will be realized graphically.

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