Computer vision

Project Cases

  • Any system where intellectual analysis of visual information is required
  • Production industries (flaw detection, quality control, industrial robots): car manufacturing, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, space technology
  • Medicine (automatic analysis of medical images - X-ray, tomography, ultrasonography
  • Human-computer interface based on gestures and facial expressions
  • Management systems for autonomous vehicles, planes, and robots
  • Security systems (person identification, motion detectors, recognition and tracking of moving objects, recognition of vehicle license plates, etc.)
  • Recognition systems for handwritten or printed text, and image reconstruction
  • Systems for creating 3D models using 3D and 2D video cameras
  • Video compression based on the contents of the video stream (content-aware video compression)
  • Games and multimedia applications

Areas of Computer Vision Where We Work

Static Image Analysis

Face recognation and identification;

Raster image tracing and convertion into vector images;

Object analysis and identification;

Optical charter recognation;

Pattern/Images recognation.

Motion Analysis

Motion detection;

Motion objects tracking, recognation and identification;

Motion trajectory prediction;

Action scenaries based on motion detection and recognation.

Video Stream Recognition

Face recognation and identification;

Charter recognation in video stream;

Rules based objects and area monitoring;

Production process monitoring and control;

3D reconstruction from frames sequence;

Computer vision based control and management system.

3D Cameras Video Recognition

Scenario-based production area monitoring and process control;

Product/objects volume measurement;

Objects recognation and identification.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Interactive 3D simulators;

Visualisation and modeling of process for interaction with user;

Visualisation of production areas with data received from computer vision system.

Project Cases

Emotion recognition for interviews

Main goal of software is revolutionize the way of interviews particularly for mental health professionals which interact with their patients. It combines secure video conferencing, automatic facial emotion tracking and analysis, and a secure database of patient history and session notes within one package that will dramatically increase the quality of patient care. Software developed as web application and have following core features:

  • Patient profile with scheduling conversation with patient
  • Communications of Clinician with Patient
  • Searching and navigation through recorded sessions related to particular patient
  • Web video conference with functionality for real time emotions recognition and storing results in database including recording of video conference
  • Ability to visualize the emotional data of the seven basic emotions (happiness, sadness, surprise, anger, fear, contempt, disgust or neutral) of the Patient in real time.

System for identification of volume, size, amount, and weight of various products

  • Building 3D model of objects based on video from the camera
  • Calculating the object’s volume, and in case that these objects are homogeneous, the weight of the object can be calculated
  • With the help of neural networks, it is possible to recognize the type of the object and to calculate its number
    Measurement of the object’s size possible in the system

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