Softarex at the Web Summit 2018

This November companies and startups all over the world have been heading to the main IT event of the year –

Game changers


FINMATEX is a fintech platform with a chatbot that meets the needs of individuals in the field of personal finance and investment. Сhatbot helps users to choose bank products for subscribers, gives information about banks, the nearest branches, shares, news, financial conditions. But it’s not only a consulting platform for personal finance. FINMATEX is a wide range of financial information on the value of shares and stock indexes, the parameters of banking products, the main financial news, and feature articles.

With the help of FINMATEX businesses can now engage their audience in real time. It also can redirect users to managers or websites if they still have any questions.

Web Summit helped us to gather valuable feedback and check the responsiveness of the product. It also broadened our vision on the future of the platform. Our team will expand the number of banks from 50 up to 100 and platform features. Insurance and credit bases are on their way to be added too.

“It’s been a really beneficial experience. The feedback we’ve received from users and competitors gave us new directions for further growth.”

– Kate Malitskaya, Head of Marketing.


Nowadays up to 100 million passengers can visit a single airport per year. Every place offers lots of entertainments: shops, cafes, art galleries, live concerts, ice rinks, casinos, pools, and more. But how can you make passengers use offers and see companies’ promotions instead of just waiting for a flight? The answer is to connect them with the people of the same interests. How?

Level completed

This year Web Summit gave Softarex a wide range of valuable and productive feedback, business offerings and of course good photos and memories. Every day we work hard to create solutions which will improve businesses and lives. Stay tuned to be the first who will see it.