Business Analyst

Berlin, Germany

Currently, we are looking for a smart Business Analyst.

Main Duties:

  • Communication with clients, collection, analysis and formalization of the customer’s business needs;
  • Develop a package of project documentation for the software and keep it up-to-date, prepare documents with business proposals, software concepts, Use cases, user stories, functional specifications, software requirements (SRS), project presentations and so on;
  • Drawing up requirements for the future software product and communication with developers, customer, end users (if necessary);
  • Requirements formalization and management, analysis and documentation of changes in the developed software;
  • Writing technical tasks for developers, communication with them on project requirements;
  • Interaction with the UI Architect and designers;
  • Interaction with the architect and the project manager;
  • Providing customers with developed requirements and completed products;
  • Preparation and presentation to the project manager, software developers and QA department of all information about the project and maintaining its relevance;
  • Consultations of developers and testers on project requirements;
  • Holding rallies with the project team and the customer;
  • Business trips in EU and in the USA are possible.

Qualification requirements:

  • Higher professional education in the field of Informatics, Software Engineering, Applied Mathematics, System Analysis, engineer-electrician – this is crucial, resume without a basic technical education in these or related specialties are not considered;
  • Experience at least 2 years in the field of analytical work;
  • Knowledge of methods for collecting, evaluating and analyzing information;
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English at a level above average for reading, communication and documentation (business requirements, specifications);
  • Knowledge of software development methodologies;
  • Knowledge of modern software development technologies;
  • UML modeling language and the possibility of its use in the preparation of documentation for the software being developed;
  • Knowledge of cognitive services from Amazon, IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure;
  • Knowledge of the basics of one of the subject areas (for the US market): healthcare, financial technologies (trading, banks, financial instruments, etc.), catering, automation and business process optimization;
  • Experience in collecting and analyzing requirements, describing business processes for one of the spheres (for the US market): healthcare, catering, business process automation, finance;
  • Analytical thinking;
  • Ability to work in a team and the ability to adapt to working with people in different time zones;
  • Decency, responsibility, sociability, organization, discipline, proactivity, flexibility.

Working conditions:

We provide an inspiring working environment where our people feel rewarded and engaged.

  • We expect a lot from our employees — and in return, we are also willing to give a great deal. You will challenge difficult, diverse, non-standard projects and tasks. But at the end of the day, you’ll be proud of what you’ve done.
  • We strongly encourage the initiative of growth and development of our guys. It is in your best interest to learn new languages and technologies and to implement them into existing and new projects. It won’t be unattended and we will definitely reward you.
  • We pay great attention to our employees’ health, so we offer medical cost recovery, which also includes a dentist. And better drink tea with ginger and lemon, we have it the year round.
  • Softarex Technologies provides only personal attitude to employees. Our HR team helps the newbies at every step of adapting in the company. No less attention is paid to employees who feel here like at home (literally having their own slippers here).
  • Of course, that’s not all at all. Check the full benefits package here and let’s get it started!

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