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    Platform components

    Sense360 is a multi-sources monitoring system which consists of many modules that organize environmental monitoring through video cameras and a wide range of sensors with unified algorithms and approaches.

    The platform solves a wide range of tasks for monitoring, analyzing, measuring, recognizing, controlling, storing incoming data, reacting on different events based on incoming information, and managing data via standardized approaches. At the same time, the platform delivers the necessary information flexibly and effectively.

    Each module of the system can be customized and used apart from the whole platform.

    Energy and Utilities Monitoring
    Enviroment Monitoring
    Visual Monitoring
    External IoT-based managing devices
    Multisources monitoring platform

    System features

    • Extensive functionality for computer vision and video monitoring
    • Devices management and placement mapping;
    • Monitoring, events, and Data processing scenarios configuration;
    • Collecting Data from IoT devices via RESTApi and from smart meters;
    • IOTA-based billing for organizing payments between devices in distributed systems
    • Data sources management and configuration System and users management
    • Analytical data and information presentation.

    Supported sources

    • Video cameras, 3D cameras, smart meters, environmental monitoring devices, and sensors;
    • Flexible platforms for connecting different monitoring devices for an environment;
    • Video stream analysis and processing system;
    • Neural Network-based system for data analysis.

    Sense360 use cases

    Video surveillance

    The platform leverages Artificial Intelligence to analyze real-time visual data in order to deliver results from all “Internet of Things”. It makes any surveillance system smarter and more responsive:

    Production process control. Identification of products’ parameters and tracking

    The module optimizes a production process by counting manufactured products and comparing them to the number of spent materials. Based on calculated data it predicts the number of needed materials for future production.

    It requires only minimal interaction with a user on the first stage for defining fragments in a video stream with required manufacture objects to gather the needed information. Sense360 provides a high accuracy of measurement, especially using fixed cameras.

    Smart Metering

    Sense360 can carry out a numerous amount of meter readouts at any time and fulfills upcoming regulations. It collects data from electricity, water, heat, and gas transmission via OMS standard. Supports a wide range of modern meters and hubs that transmit data via the Internet. Easily accessible live usage data is always at subscribers fingertips which empowers them to make smarter energy choices.

    Contact us to get the full list of available devices.

    Environment Monitoring

    With the help of GreenVaro, a part of Sense360, it is possible to collect and analyze various environmental parameters and display results on your smartphone. For example, it can monitor Air Humidity, Air Temperature, Ammonia (NH3), Atmospheric Pressure, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon, Monoxide (CO), Combustible Gases (LPG), Dust Levels, Ethyl Alcohol, etc. Also, there are an extensive variety of different possible IoT devices to connect. They transmit data via RESTApi and Modbus standards. The platform has different scenarios for managing, collecting and storing information.

    Patients recovery monitoring solution

    You can enhance your hospital with visual monitoring of patients wards. This module can track a patient’s movement in a ward or body parts movement, recognize emotions on a face, and generate signals for hospital staff. Also, it can monitor and analyze the atmosphere in wards to set the best conditions for patients recovery

    Fields of application

    Visual Monitoring Environmental Monitoring External IoT Devices
    Healthcare Visual monitoring for patients state in hospital Air monitoring for hazardous elements IoT Medical devices
    Manufacturing Manufacturing zones control, moving elements control and alarming, production line control and monitoring
    Agriculture and Forest industry Forests, lakes, and seas monitoring by drones for trespassing identification, areas space calculation IoT based devices for water and land quality control, automation processes management
    Energy and Water supply Air monitoring for hazardous elements IoT based water quality control systems
    Retail Security, buyers behavior and movements analysis and monitoring, emotions analysis, calculations and predictions Air monitoring for hazardous elements IoT based devices for water and land quality control, automation processes management
    Households Security systems
    Security systems Video stream monitoring Video stream monitoring
    Construction industry Movements tracking at construction areas. Equipment and machines movements tracking and optimization. Personal movements control for protecting from danger zones Air monitoring for hazardous elements
    Sport activities Sport analytics IoT Medical devices for health conditions control

    *It is possible to implement smart metering in every field via OMS standards

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